Learn From Timothy Sykes Scam Artist How Scam Artists Work And How You May Identify Them

Learn From Timothy Sykes Scam Artist How Scam Artists Work And How You May Identify Them
The Siliconreview
18 Decemebr, 2019

Scam artists make easy money by fooling gullible individuals. They convince the other person that the scheme they are supporting is actually going to get them loads of money whereas only they get to benefit out of the entire thing. 

They may even work on your weaknesses and play the emotional card while asking you to give in to their demands. Having a total lack of conscience these people consider you as their toy that they can play around with. Here we tell you how scam artists work and how you can identify them.

Modus Operandi

There are various means by which the scam artists operate and let us first list a few of them:

Street cons- Such cons happen in public places like streets and usually involve loss of a small amount of money. The victim would be approached by a total stranger and asked to respond to a surprising situation like finding the money. 

They could strike a deal with you on finding a precious item like a diamond ring and ask you to buy it and sell it further. When you pay a small amount of money and go on to sell the ring you get to know it is fake. They may have accomplices to assist them in doing so.

Business and Internet scams- These include the stock market scams where these artists make loads of money. They usually talk about a particular share that has the potential of doing well in future and even show that they have purchased the stock. After a lot of people pay them for buying the shares they sell their stake and make away with the money. 

Subsequently the share price also dips thus making it a loss-making situation for the victim. Sometimes multi-level marketing companies are also part of this group and they want to earn money by cashing in on individuals who want to earn an easy buck.

Nigerian money transfers – This probably is the latest one to join the bandwagon. You get an email saying that the person in question has received an inheritance from his passed away relative. However, he can access the money only if a certain amount is paid in the form of taxes to the authorities. Once you pay the money for him you are promised huge amounts of money from the total share.

Home improvement scams- Another popular one these people would approach you and say that your roof needs repairs and we have extra material from our previous job and we would do the same for you. Gladly you pay the money as you feel the job would be completed at a lesser price. However, when the time to start the renovation comes, these people vanish and you realize that you have been conveniently conned.

Loan cons-You had a loan that you are trying to repay. In comes a person who says he would get it waived off provided you pay a certain fee. They even furnish a legal document that shows that your loan has been paid off. You gladly pay the money only to get to know that the document is fake and nothing has changed except that you have been scammed.

Sales scams- If you have applied for the auction of a product online the con artist would appear and say that you can get the product but would have to pay shipping and some extra costs. When you pay the amount to him he vanishes and so do your hopes of getting the product for less price.

How you can identify a scam artist 

Timothy Sykes – Scam Artist or Not? is an understatement when it comes to talking about the brain and personality of this man. He would never want you to know that he is bluffing with you. Look for the following pointers if you are getting feelers that the person is not reliable.

They will not reveal their true self- A scam artist would never present his true self to you. He would always use a disguise that is different than what he actually is. If you meet a person who is too good to be true and tries too hard to match the impressions trust that he is not genuine.

Dress for success- Scam artists always dress up in a manner that is bound to get them success. They would want to show that they are quite well off and work in reputable organizations. In case he has contacted you by email the address of the office provided would be in quite a posh location.

They explore your weakness- By tapping your weaknesses like greed, fear, and insecurity such people derive pleasure. They know every person wants to be rich easily and by talking about it there is a chance that you would break down and give in to his demands.

Friends only for a limited time- A scam artist would be your friend only for a limited time. Initially they would call you at all times trying to find out how you are. In fact they would even try and bail you out from tough situations. Once they have got their share of benefit they would start ignoring you by not picking your call.  After that you can keep running after them asking to pay back but to no avail.

Will show the moon-Scam artists try to sell the moon to you and they are convincing enough to make you believe that the same is possible. If the person says things that are too good in execution but practically impossible he cannot be trusted and you need to move on. You would also notice that he would try and downplay any cons of the scheme so as to stop you from changing your mind.


A scam artist is very smart and knows just the right strings to pull to get you to do what he says. There are multiple ways in which they can scam you but you can use the above tips to protect you. These people are usually obsessed with success and in case they do not get the same they may just use their criminal mind to harm you. Staying aware is the best option in that case.