McDonald’s latest fast-food chain to join the vegan craze

McDonald’s latest fast-food chain to join the vegan craze
The Siliconreview
11 Decemebr, 2019

McDonald’s which world’s most favorite burger destination is all set to start a vegan food chain in the UK on 2nd January 2020. The firm recently announced that the vegan menu will be having Veggie Dippers meal - including vegan nuggets served with chips and a soft drink.

McDonald’s new dippers are made using rice, red peppers, split peas, and tomato pesto and are fried in breadcrumbs. The product will be fried separately from those products which contain meat and will be served with McDonald’s UK chips, which are vegan-friendly.

This move by McDonald’s is supported by The Humane Society, which campaigns for animal welfare, said McDonald's move would help veganism go mainstream. Animal activist organization Peta, in a recent press meet stated that"A vegan meal - one that doesn't require killing - is the very definition of a happy meal."Peta also said that it will continue to campaign for McDonald’s to bring McVegan burger in every country.

This move is made by McDonald’s as restaurants are capitalizing on increasing demands from their UK customers for vegetarian as well as vegan food options. McDonald’s said that the company has seen an 80 percent uplift in customers ordering vegetarian options. The firm is the latest fast-food chain to offer vegan products.