Sao Paulo has the only traditional sumo ring outside of Japan

Sao Paulo has the only traditional sumo ring outside of Japan
The Siliconreview
30 Decemebr, 2019

Sumo is a traditional sport that originated to Japan where contenders wear loincloths and wrestle with each other for leisure purposes. Not practised much outside of Japan, Sumo wrestling is a sport that is indigenous to the land of Japan. Sao Paulo in Brazil is the only place outside of Japan that has a traditional sumo ring and where the sport is practised as more than just mere entertainment. Located at the Mie Nishi complex, the traditional ring has witnessed many tournaments and competition since its inception.

“At the time, the new gymnasium was considered to be the first and only exclusive sumo gym in the world outside Japan. It's still the only one with a traditional clay ring.Before there was no permanent space for the practice of sumo here in São Paulo. The championships were held in a makeshift manner in various places. Because of this, there were no children in São Paulo who could start practicing sumo, so [it was] only practiced by adults who trained in judo arenas," says president of the gym Oscar Morio Tsuchiya.

People are part of the sumo club here at Sao Paulo are often sent out for reputed competitions which are held worldwide. They have often made their alma mater proud with the many laurels that they have won.