The Future Electric Transporter for Disable from Groupe Renault

The Future Electric Transporter for Disable from Groupe Renault
The Siliconreview
18 Decemebr, 2019

Groupe Renault collaborated with Nino Robotics, developer of a new type of' sitting, private transporters' offering mobility solutions targeted for elderly or disabled people. As part of this collaboration, Groupe Renault offers financial support to Nino Robotics through Mobilize Invest. The key objective of this funding is to contribute to Nino Robotics' development, especially NINO4, and its forthcoming electric transporter. With NINO4, Nino Robotics developer Pierre Bardina is planning to offer people with reduced mobility a solution that is far away from those usually provided.This "sitting private transporter" will also be connected to provide users with data such as battery charging, speed and mileage in addition to its highly recognizable, elegant and vibrant style.A "Follow Me" feature facilitates a third party to auto-follow NINO4 and its client. To date, two devices have been developed and sold by Nino Robotics: Nino, a self-balanced personal carrier and One, a wheelchair scooter.

Pierrick Cornet, Alliance Project Director and mentor of Nino Robotics, said, "We deeply appreciate this opportunity to promote exchanges between our teams and Nino Robotics: this meets to the ambition of many employees of the Group, including myself, to get involved in actions with a societal objective."