Microsoft Introduces a New Service for Healthcare Companies

Microsoft Introduces a New Service for Healthcare Companies
The Siliconreview
08 Febuary, 2019

Microsoft will soon start a new service to boost healthcare companies. The new service is designed to transfer large patient’s data to the cloud and integrate with other related systems. It will provide in-depth information about the patient’s health to individuals, researchers,and clinicians.

The tool is developed on the tech behemoth’s Azure cloud platform.

According to Peter Lee, the VP of Microsoft Healthcare, the company will continue to include new health care tools towards its cloud platform. It’s hard to think of data standards for interoperability as an interesting topic, but it’s most important to a host of new healthcare applications.

Microsoft is popularizing its healthcare bots among other healthcare initiatives. The tool assists the organizations to develop their own virtual assistants and chatbots.

The company has also piloted a project where the health bot could help patients find clinical trials in the future. It will help to carry out trials on new therapies and drugs. The main intention is to combine the company’s work on the AI platform to scan difficult medical documents with the help of a bot interface. The medical documents are based on trial information.

The health bot could help the customers to remind them of prescriptions and notify them through text messages if the users don’t fill their prescriptions to identify problems. For example, sometimes patients don’t remember about the drug which they have removed from the container, therefore, the company’s computer vision software could allow the patients to scan the pills and find them,Mr. Lee added to the statement.

 It’s great to see that Microsoft is putting its efforts to improve the healthcare sector.