Cisco to Roll Out a New Hardware for Its Next-Gen Wi-Fi Standards

siliconreview Cisco to Roll Out a New Hardware for Its Next-Gen Wi-Fi Standards

Cisco Systems will launch a revamped hardware for the next-gen of Wi-Fi standards, Reuters reported. The company announced the new development on Monday.

The new hardware which is expected to be launched in three years includes access points and switches for business for Wi-Fi 6 (New standard).

The company’s access points will allow laptops, phones, and other devices to integrate with it on corporate campuses.It will manage traffic by carrying it to switches. The switches are responsible to connect business’s wired network to the traffic.

A report from IDC has revealed that the San-Jose based company controls almost 45 percent of the market for corporate Wi-Fi systems. The new hardware will be launched by the company much before most laptops and phones are equipped with a chip to rip the benefits of Wi-Fi 6.

The new launch is likely to give a slight boost to Wi-Fi connections but also take care of the major problems which are faced by Wi-Fi networks today. The new standard is created to prevent bogging down when the demand for TV, security cameras, sensors, smart speakers, and other devices are on the rise in the recent time.

There will be deep ties between consumers and 5G network providers due to the new development. For example, when both the network is in place, guests in a hotel can switch from 5G to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network without any registration.