Facebook to Tackle Fake News and Misinformation ahead of elections in Australia

Facebook to Tackle Fake News and Misinformation ahead of elections in Australia
The Siliconreview
08 April, 2019

Facebook on Wednesday announced that it would take stringent measures to curb the spread of fake news in Australia. The social media giant will also prevent outsiders from purchasing political ads in Australia as the country will have its national election soon.

Since Russia purportedly used the social media platform to influence the US presidential election two and a half years back, Facebook and its peers across the globe have been put on the pressure to take the matter seriously.

In Australia, till now there is no concrete evidence about any foreigner purchasing political ads for campaigning. But the government was cautioned about interference attempts from China. In February this year, the government said that its parliament’s computer network was hacked by a foreign government.

The social media giant has faced greater scrutiny over it social influence and marketing power since the mass shooting incident in New Zealand last month, therefore with regard to all that Facebook had decided to take the Australian initiative seriously.

According to Facebook, once the vote is completed, within a few days the new changes over the control of Australian political ad would come into effect.

People familiar to the matter stated that non-Australian citizens cannot purchase ads related to political parties, slogans, and logos.

Facebook will roll out a fast checking service in the country to tackle fake news and misinformation. The company will collaborate with French news agency Agence France-Presse for the initiative.