Google is focusing to Develop Better Robots

siliconreview Google is focusing to Develop Better Robots

Google is looking to implement robots in the real world. The company hasn’t revealed anything much about its robotic initiatives since it said it started to focus on robots from last month. This week, the company’s robotic division’s new leader, Vincent Vanhoucke shared some information about the company’s robotics plans.

Mr. Vanhoucke said at the articulate conference in San Francisco, primarily, the areas of robotic development include navigation and finding better ways for robots to carry out interaction with human beings.

Since the company has been focusing to develop robot arms, Mr. Vanhoucke also noted that Google is also keeping an eye at robotic "locomotion,” or the transportation techniques that robots use to move from one place to the other.

The company’s robotic initiative used to be one of the most notable things. In 2013, Replicant made its debut. It is a division which was started by Andy Rubin, founder of Android OS. The company snapped many robotics startups under the leadership of Mr. Rubin.

Google’s new robotic initiative is called as simply Robotics- focuses more on basic robots.  The company is looking to make one of the largest breakthroughs with its ML-based software. Google intends to train the robots about self-learning and carry out stuff which they couldn’t do before. For example, a robotic arm could pick particular objects and put them inside dustbins, or scoop up some amount of beans from buckets.