Apple could add Dark Mode and Interface Updates on its New OS

Apple could add Dark Mode and Interface Updates on its New OS
The Siliconreview
17 April, 2019

Apple’s next major version, iOS 13 could be packed with new features such as the universal dark mode along with visual changes for the volume pop up and new gestures, and many more. The reports are out by 9to5mac’s Guilherme Rambo. All the new changes will be featured on both iPhone and Ipad respectively.

The new dark mode feature will be similar like the dark mode present on the macOS Mojave. Users can turn on a system-wide option in the settings menu.  The supported apps will switch to dark mode automatically on the next time if a user launches it. It will be good if the feature is supported by third-party developers.

Apart from the dark mode feature, users will be able to experience other features like the multiple tab option which is found of a similar app on the iPad. Users can open two Safari tabs at the same time, but Apple intends to expand the same feature with a card metaphor. Users will be able to move, dismiss, or stack card (window).

Other features include minor enhancements in the gesture. Usually, to undo and redo an action, users need to shake their devices but the new improvements will allow the users to redo or undo an action with just a swipe with their three fingers on the virtual keyboard.

Few apps will be updated with a new mail interface and remainders. Coming to the volume pop up, the volume pop up could be replaced with a more suitable volume indicator.