Warehouse automation expert Locus Robotics raises $26 million in Series C Funding

Warehouse automation expert Locus Robotics raises $26 million in Series C Funding
The Siliconreview
24 April, 2019

Locus Robotics, a Massachusetts-based Warehouse automation player raised $26 million in Series C Funding. Warehouse automation is trending in robotics these days and it isn’t a surprise the startups are emerging to be big players in this field. The round of funding was led by Scale Venture Partners and Zebra Ventures. It brings the company’s total funding to over $60 million.

Founded in 2014, Locus Robotics produces robotic shelving built to transfer bins inside of warehouses. The startup has prominent customers including a delivery giant, DHL. There are a few other companies delivering a similar idea including Bay Area-based Fetch and Amazon’s Kiva.

“We have observed a massive uptick in demand for the flexible automation incorporated into Locus’s multi-bot solution, which is uniquely suited to address these challenges,” said Locus Robotics CEO Rick Faulk. “Not only is our solution proven to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs, but it is also a source of scalable labor that can be adapted to meet the demands of numerous product and customer profiles. This new funding will enable us to scale to meet the growing demand for our revolutionary solution worldwide,”he further added.

Automating processes at the workplace is something that many tech giants are looking for. Recently, Amazon acquired Colorado-based startup Canvas, which makes autonomous warehouse delivery carts. Boston Dynamics, another robotics company has built its humanoid, Handle which deals with heavy logistics.