Vecna Robotics launches new AI Software

Vecna Robotics launches new AI Software
The Siliconreview
11 April, 2019

Vecna Robotics, an American robotics company has rolled out AI software on Wednesday. Dubbed as Pivot.aI, the new multi-agent orchestration engine will help to coordinate the work of fleets in self-driving vehicles and other automation in a facility.

The new software asses day to day work seamlessly and assign tasks among the diverse types of agents such as human workers, robots, and other equipment. The company’s autonomous vehicles gather data, evaluate their surroundings, and tackle obstacles or any other unforeseen events. If any vehicle is accustomed to the map and layout of the facility, any extra Vecna units added will automatically learn from the first machine.

The software delivers data-driven information at a fleet and workflow level, making a nonstop improvement cycle over time.

The program of the software integrates with the present manufacturing execution systems, piece-picking robots, warehouse management systems, legacy automation, and user interfaces. The integration will pave the way for the people, robots, and associated systems to share information among them; while keeping the process transparent in the organization.

According to Dan Patt, CEO of Vecna Robotics, the company has created a new system with the help of Pivot.aI. It connects and robots to efficiently carry out work together. The system can recognize operations and the strengths of human and robots. It can evaluate the present processing state and task assignments ensuring every person on the team is optimally contributing in real time.