Snap Inc Rolls Out a New Gaming Platform

Snap Inc Rolls Out a New Gaming Platform
The Siliconreview
05 April, 2019

A new gaming platform by Snap Inc has been launched for its Snapchat app, Reuters reported on Thursday. The platform was unveiled at the company’s first-ever Partner Summit in Los Angeles.

Snap Inc stated that there will be video ads in the gaming platform which will last for six seconds and users won’t be able to skip it. The relatively new format has boosted the company’s revenue in the sixth quarter.

The list of games which can be played from the Snapchat apps chatting menu isZynga’s Tiny Royale, Bitmoji Party, PikPok’s Zombie Rescue Squad, Spry Fox’s Alphabear Hustle, Game Closure’s Snake Squad, and ZeptoLab’s C.A.T.S. Drift Race.

During the debut event, the company also unveiled a set of new features and content for its current products, bring in shows from Bunim/Murray Productions and BuzzFeed. There were also new AR filters including templates of landmarks being showcased. There is good news for the advertisers too – now, Snap Inc will allow advertisers to purchase ads that run outside Snapchat.

The company’s new features and contents are mostly aimed to attract the audience aged 13-34 even as overall user growth has stalled.

Apart from the gaming platform, the new AR lens or filters that overlay video was also showcased at the event. Coming to the Templates of a landmark, the themewas based on the Eiffel Tower, Capitol building, the US, and Buckingham Palace.

The new event in LA was pretty good.