Microsoft launches new Cloud Services for AI and blockchain

Microsoft launches new Cloud Services for AI and blockchain
The Siliconreview
03 May, 2019

Microsoft Corp has launched new tools for software developers, Reuters reported. The announcement was made public on Thursday. Just launched ahead of the company’s software developer conference, the new tools will help software developers to make tech such as AI and blockchain easier for businesses to use.

The conference will take place in Seattle next week.

The software giant who was once popular because of its flagship Operating systems for PC and laptops now depends on its cloud-based computing and software services for generating revenue. Majority of the cloud services are sold to other businesses.

People familiar with the matter said that a single service launch by Microsoft assists online retailers to recommend products based on the shopping history of the buyers and can be integrated with the existing recommendations of the retailers.

The company is also introducing tools for making things easier for users who make AI models. The tools will allow the users to use the models without the need of writing the underlying code. Business owner’s data can train the models in Microsoft’s cloud afterwards.

Coming to the cloud-based blockchain service, the company is releasing the block chain, a ledger that keeps tracks of transactions among various participants. The company is also working with JP Morgan Chase & Co on the bank’s Quorum offering.

Apart from these developments, Blockchain also has other uses. The company has helped Starbucks Corp with its blockchain tech to keep an eye on the coffee’s transportation from farms to stores to a customer’s cup, said people familiar with the matter.