The Pokemon Company to Roll out a new app in 2020

The Pokemon Company to Roll out a new app in 2020
The Siliconreview
29 May, 2019

The Pokemon Company, a Japan-based company, is working on a new mobile app called Pokemon sleep, The Reuters reported. The app will track player’s sleep and use the data for gameplay. The app’s release is set for next year.

“We want to turn sleep into entertainment,” Tsunekazu Ishihara was quoted as saying at an event in Tokyo. Mr. Ishihara is the CEO of the Pokemon Company.

The new app- Pokemon sleep will collect data based on the sleeping duration of the players and use it as data points. Whenever any player is awake, then the gameplay will change- though the company has not revealed any information about the gameplay change feature.

The new title could pave the way for the Pokemon Company to entrench an appeal beyond core gamers and foray into a fast-paced market for health-tracking services.

Nintendo also unveiled about its sleeping-tracking successor to its Pokemon Go plus Device at the same event. The device enables users to catch Pokemon without using their smartphones. 

Other companies such as NetEase, a Chinese internet company also unveiled its plans to bring more Pokemon games to China. The company will roll out a local version of mobile game Pokemon Quest.

It’s been twenty years since the first two titles of the Pokemon game series were rolled out on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. Ever since then, over 340 million units of the game series have been sold across the globe.