Tutor House raise new Fundings from Fuel Ventures and others

Tutor House raise new Fundings from Fuel Ventures and others
The Siliconreview
20 May, 2019

Tutor House, an online portal which allows parents to find in-person tutors for their children has completed itsnew funding round. The UK-based company raised £2 million.

In the funding round, venturecapitalists Fuel ventures and a startup builder set up by Mark Pearson of MyVoucherCodes fame contributed towards Tutor House.

Fuel ventures recently ended its third fund of £20 million to carry out investment in marketplaces such as B2B and B2C marketplaces, SaaS, and platforms.

According to the company, the new fundings from Fuel Ventures will be utilised to expand its services to other countries and to build a bespoke school in London exclusively for students who require an intensive tutor for exam retakes.

Whenever people books any tutor online or in-person, the company gets a commission of 20 percent. The commission can be reduced if a tutor was booked over 20 hours per month. Apart from home schooling and residential courses, the company also provides A-level, and pre-U retake courses.

Tutor House was incorporated in 2012 and founded by a former teacher named Alex Dyer. Until now, the company is self-funded. The online web portal connects parents and families to tutors eighter online or in-person. People can search for tutors based on a different array of subjects and academic levels.

Tutor House stated that they are the leading tutor agency in the whole of the UK in terms of providing remote tuition and private home teachings for all primary, A-level, GCSE, and university subjects.