iRobot Takes over Root Robotics, Launches Root Coding Robot

iRobot Takes over Root Robotics, Launches Root Coding Robot
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2019

iRobot, a US-based robotic company, has forayed into the education sector by acquiring Root Robotics, a robotics company, which specializes in building platforms for coding, used by children.

With the acquisition, iRobot has also launched a Root coding robot. The robot is a type of two-wheeled, mobile platform designed to be used on flat and vertical surfaces. The robot is preferable to be used in tables and floors inside homes and classrooms like a magnetic whiteboard. The robot can carry out different activities such as drawing, color scanning; play music, and more, when paired with the companion mobile app.

The robot uses three levels of coding languages for both young children and advanced users.

According to iRobot, the acquisition will help them to expand its wide range of educational robot product offerings. The company will look to provide robotic technology to educators, students, and parents. The firm is joining the ranks of other companies such as Wonder Workshop, Learning Resource’s Botley which provides coding lessons to children through their apps.

The acquisition has allowed iRobot to enter the education space, paving the way for it to utilize its existing platforms for future products.

Currently, Root Robot is available for purchase on iRobot’s website. The robot will cost $199, while a pack of 30 classroom sessions will cost less than $6000. Apart from that, iRobot also sells other products such as an academic app for $60 and a whiteboard surface for $30.