Microsoft to launch its Next-gen Xbox Console in 2020

Microsoft to launch its Next-gen Xbox Console in 2020
The Siliconreview
10 June, 2019

Microsoft Corp announces its next-gen Xbox console- Project Scarlett, Reuters reported. The announcement was made public on Sunday. The console will be available next year across the world.

It’s learned from the company that the new console will be much more advanced than the Xbox One X. It is fuelled by a high-tech Micro Devices chip for seamless gameplay. The console is expected to run on 120 frames/second, or twice the average TV. A solid-state drive is chipped in the console; therefore, paving the users to load games much faster than conventional hard drives.

Along with the new console launch, the company will also introduce a new version of its Halo video game. The Redmond-based tech behemoth also unveiled new games from Xbox Game Studios, including shooter video game “Gears 5.”

According to Microsoft, in October this year, “Project xCloud”, the video game-streaming services would go into preview. Users can directly stream games from their Xbox consoles instead of the company’s servers in the new services.

The company unveiled plans for the project to pilot a new game streaming service suitable for PCs, consoles and mobile devices. There have been news from Microsoft that the new service is based on the hardware used in Xbox One gaming consoles.

Other corporations in gaming, such as Sony have also revealed plans to roll out a next-gen PlayStaion5 console.