BMW to Endorse Vantablack at the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW to Endorse Vantablack at the Frankfurt Motor Show
The Siliconreview
30 August, 2019

BMW is all set to make heads turn at the upcoming motor show which is happening at Frankfurt from the 12th of September to 22nd. The German automobile company, founded in 1916, will display its SUV X6 in Vantablack at the event. The designer of the X6, Hussein al-Attar, says the use of Vantablack which happens to be the darkest black substance on earth opens up a lot of possibilities for potential designers.

Ben Jensen, the inventor of Vantablack, said in a statement “I think it worked really well on the BMW X6, because of the size of the car, its distinctive shape, and how imposing it is.” The huge size of the car and the striking physical features when painted by Vantablack give it a brooding look and finish. The use of Vantablack also prevents damage from the sun, hence enhancing performance.

Developed by Surrey NanoSystems, Vantablack makes use of carbon nanotubes in order to produce the darkest substance of the earth. It was developed in order to use in space projects as it absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light making it apt for aerospace and defense requirements. This use of Vantablack by BMW is the first commercial use of the substance. The third-generation X6 model will come out in showrooms along with its Vantablack variant in November.