Eight Mile sues Spotify for copyrights infringement under MMA

Eight Mile sues Spotify for copyrights infringement under MMA
The Siliconreview
22 August, 2019

Eight Mile Style which is the music publisher of Eminem has filed a lawsuit on Spotify for copyright infringement. The suit alleges that the popular audio streaming platform didn’t get the appropriate license for the rapper’s music and seeks compensation. In a suit that was filed in federal court in Nashville, Spotify was accused of willful copyright infringement by streaming about 250 of Eminem’s songs on its service alleging billions of dollars in potential damages. 

The suit also focuses on the Music Modernization Act, a federal law that was passed last October which intended to get the songwriter paid and ease the functions of tech companies. Spotify failed to show compliance to the rules of the MMA because it has no license for the Rapper’s compositions, and despite streaming the songs billions of times the company has only remitted few random payments to Eight Mile which is only a fraction compared to the number of streams Spotify received. Furthermore, the suit added that Spotify has added “Lose Yourself” into copyright control category in which the owner will not be known. Eight Mile was offended because it wasn’t identified as the owner for an iconic song that was the highlight of the 2002 movie 8 Mile.

Eight Mile claims that Spotify knew about the ownership of Eminem songs and still didn’t engage to match the recordings with the Eight Mile Compositions. Publisher of Eminem is merely questioning the compliance of Spotify with the copyright law. As compensation for copyright infringement, Eight Mile seeks substantial profits from Spotify.