Google faces antitrust investigation by 50 US states and territories

siliconreview Google faces antitrust investigation by 50 US states and territories

Google faces serious problems, as fifty US states and territories have announced an inquiry into "monopolistic behavior" shown by the firm. An announcement was made on Monday, which said that there would be a juridical cognizance that will be laid on Google.

The US government has reported that the congressional investigation held on this issue regarding anti-trust scrutiny of the tech company, beyond its federal and enforcement action by European regulators and entrepreneurs. The attorney general of Nebraska, Dough Peterson at a press conference said that "this is a strong message to Google" held at Washington.

The investigation regarding this issue is held at the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The attorney general of California, Tara Gallegos declined to reveal any statement regarding this issue. Google is expecting that the state authorities will enquire about this issue and will give a conclusion as early as possible.

New York Attorney General, Letitia James stated that Google's control on every aspect of our lives had placed the company at the center of the digital economy, but a search engine should also understand its corporate power and should not eclipse the rights of its consumers and clients.