Future of Enterprise resource planning and managementlies in Bitcoin SV

Future of Enterprise resource planning and managementlies in Bitcoin SV
The Siliconreview
09 September, 2019

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) companies are ready to introduce new technology which will bring efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness to the industry. This particular sector is now using Bitcoin SV, which is an absolute revolution; this move by the ERP companies will save time and costs, and also will bring transparency during transactions.

Bitcoin SV has stood out and is termed as the future of both ERP and supply chain management, it also helps to integrate new processes in a single system with its ability to scale, fast and speedy transactions of the fees available. Supply chain management companies in the US and Australia have already started to use Bitcoin SV to overcome the production cost.

This form of transaction which involves Bitcoin SV enables seamless sharing of the available information among different parties. It will enable the producers to plan their products accurately, with respect to the market conditions. For example, a distributor can easily reveal how many products are being sold, which will help the manufacturer to schedule production and increase the stake value, enabling the raw material supplier to respond with respect to it.

Since a supply chain has multiple participants such as distributors, retailers, producers, and manufacturers, the costs of maintaining one are often driven through the roof. This revolutionary step taken by the ERP companies will make sure that it saves costs for the manufacturers as well as the producers, through price reductions.