Apple to make smaller and cheaper iPhones from February

Apple to make smaller and cheaper iPhones from February
The Siliconreview
23 January, 2020

Apple might launch a low-cost iPhone very soon. In a recent press conference Bloomberg, the tech giants’ suppliers stated that Apple will unveil the device by March. The reports, predictions about Apple launching a low-cost phone model started coming out last year, and now the predictions are very soon going to be true as the firm is allset to launch a handy phone at an affordable price.

The upcoming model will look similar to iPhone 8 and it will have a 4.7-inch screen and will be powered by Apple’s latest A13 chip which also powers the iPhone 11. The processor output is going to be the highlight due to its higher-than-anticipated level. The company also said that these phones will also start mass production as early as possible.

Bloomberg also revealed that the device will have a touch ID that will be in-built into the home button and will not have a face detection ID. Apple has named this product as iPhone SE 2, but it is not yet finalized. Developing a low-cost phone could help boost Apple’s presence, especially in developing nations where affordable Android is more common. It will also increase the sales in these countries as well as will help the company to gain more recognition and accolades.