60 percent of the employees already use smartphones in their workstation

60 percent of the employees already use smartphones in their workstation
The Siliconreview
13 January, 2020

The way we perceive technology and assets is shifting because of the office leave physical space and moving to the cloud and other digital ecosystems. One of the significant changes the industry is now witnessing is the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD). The BYOD policies encourage employees to use their personal devices like tablets, computers, and smartphones while on the job. When the concept is looked at from the surface, it seems like a smart move because remote working has become very common. Few companies have employees all over the world so it is not feasible to give them individual hardware furthermore, if BYOD is implemented in the local offices, it can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and in turn this will result in keeping the employees happy. BYOD benefits can be reaped only when the organizations have good security measures deployed. BYOD is an unsafe concept because it comes at the expense of placing sensitive data in the hands of the stakeholders.

Citrix system did a study in 2017 and gave a forecast that by 2020 almost 50 percent of the global workforce will operate remotely. But now almost 60 percent of them already make use of smartphones at work and 31 percent of the remaining want to. The shift was created because companies placed a formal BYOD policy and the number of firms also rose significantly.