Google Looks to Unify All Its Messaging Apps into One Service

Google Looks to Unify All Its Messaging Apps into One Service
The Siliconreview
30 January, 2020

Google might soon introduce a new all-in-one business app to become a strong competitor for the Slack and Microsoft teams. This new app would combine the benefits of Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, Gmail and Google Drive. It would become part of the G Suite productivity tools.

This new communications application will be built for workplaces.This would enable businesses to communicate more effectively, as one app would combine the benefits of many others and hence would not require the user to switch apps every single time.

Many companies are already used to Google’s arsenal of apps, but continue to switch over to other apps for communication within teams. The new app’s objective is to become a solid reason for customers to go all-in with Google. It has previously, routinely struggled to deliver consistent and compelling messaging apps.

Hangouts is moving towards becoming an app for enterprise customers, and hence had been split into Hangouts Chat which is text based and Hangouts Meet which is meant for video calls. The standard Hangouts app hasn’t been shut down yet, but the introduction of the two new versions of it signals towards a stronger focus on the business uses of it.