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Id Mjahdi of Morocco is Africa...


Id Mjahdi of Morocco is Africa’s first solar powered village

Id Mjahdi of Morocco is Africa’s first solar powered village
The Silicon Review
29 January, 2020

As even the most developed companies are in a race to develop sustainable forms of energy, a small village in Africa called Id Mjahdi has become a beacon in the vertical by being the first in the continent to be completely powered by solar sources of energy. As the threats of global warming and its consequences are looming closer by each passing day, many environmentalists are raising concerns about tackling the danger in a manner that is sustainable for the planet. Solar energy from the sun captured by using panels is one of the most efficient forms of renewable energy.

"Morocco is unquestionably a leader in sustainable energy. Before the scheme began, villagers relied on candles for light, and they typically could afford only around an hour of candlelight for working or studying in the evenings. They would burn tree bark for heating and cooking, which was bad for their health," says Mohamed Lasry, the CEO of Cleanenergy, the energy company that has been a force in revolutionising the sustainability of the village.

According to Lasry, the village did nopt even has a water source in the near vicinity before the project began and now the entire village and its occupants are leading a fairly sustainable lifestyle. The $188,000 project included building a water tower ion order to support the village community.