NeoFect Gadgets for a Better Health and Better World

NeoFect Gadgets for a Better Health and Better World
The Siliconreview
06 January, 2020

Security, privacy and ethics are becoming a part of health technology more than ever before. Jill Gilbert, the maker of digital health services, considered health care data more important than financial data at the CES trade show. Gilbert spoke at a media event on Sunday before the series officially starts in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The conference continues through Friday and will include extensive health and wellness-related programming as well as many healthcare companies that are exhibiting.

NeoFect USA, a medical technology company, is promoting its new "smart balance" app, a lower-limb therapy aid for patients with strokes.“With smart balance, stroke survivors can work on re-stabilization,” NeoFect CEO Scott Kim said. Families of patients will closely monitor the progress. The organization also helps those with spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal disabilities "recover independence and lead more active lives," according to the description on the CES website.

The multi-purpose system was developed by doctors and medical technology developers, a CES Technology Award Honoree in "Health and Wellness" and "Tech for a Better World." This offers doctors with an ability to perform remote visits to the hospital and capture vital sign readings and patient datain real time. The game-based recovery approaches provide more immersive, quantifiable therapy to enhance the function of the limbs and mobility of the hands.