Open source storage is gaining traction in storage circuit

Open source storage is gaining traction in storage circuit
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2020

One of the recent emerging phenomena is open source storage. It is a data storage platform developed in a collaborative manner in public. The license used in it is free for usage and distribution furthermore; the source code can also be modified. Enterprises are known to deal with an enormous amount of data and it must be stored in a way that is secure, flexible, and accessible. This also allows the intelligence-driven solutions and analytics to gain insights that are actionable. Lustre and Ceph are two of the most prominent open-source storage offering. Both solutions have a completely different architecture from the previously used file systems like ZFS or EXT4. One of the significant differences is that the solution separates out the data storage and stores them in a different database.

The open-source storage providers identified the landscape of the storage system and started to build a feasible system. Due to the rise of IoT, offices, and remote sites the organization wants to analyze the data remotely. The processing of data will happen while enriching the data with information received from the center. The intelligent storage system is now allowing the user to analyze the metadata for detection of problems, classification, and analysis