America Stocks Itself To Expanding British Businesses

America Stocks Itself To Expanding British Businesses
The Siliconreview
06 Febuary, 2020

Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Yael Lempert, one of those addressing more than 80 C-suite executives from UK companies with US interests at the event at a special event at the U.S. Embassy in London last week. The U.S. is already the UK's biggest country-by-country trading partner, with border crossings totalling more than $250 billion.

A growing number of UK middle market businesses are pondering whether to enter or broaden their presence in the US market, with the mere thought of a free trade deal on the horizon, and with current economic conditions looking favorable. Chris Knowles, head of technology and management consulting at RSM UK and Matt Dollard from RSM US said “We have developed the digital technology theme, providing insights on the digital challenges and opportunities associated with US expansion, as well as the decision-making processes required by boards when deciding on major strategic investments.”

He also claimed that despite the current protectionist rhetoric of the U.S. Government, the U.S. economy was deeply embedded in the global economy, both in terms of goods and services, as well as finance, and that this would likely increase in the future with the growth of the digital cross-border economy. He also illustrated some real-world examples of the cultural and business challenges the companies are facing in this current world.