A woman built a rotary dial ce...


A woman built a rotary dial cellphone that is ‘more functional’

A woman built a rotary dial cellphone that is ‘more functional’
The Silicon Review
13 Febuary, 2020

According to a recent blog post on the website of Justine Haupt, she had built a rotary-dial phone out of frustration with the hyperconnected, touchscreen world of people. Cellphone technology had come so far that the very purpose of using a cellphone – to make calls – is nowrarely given a thought. Texting has become one of the primary modes of communication today. But Justine Haupt was looking for an excuse for not texting and hence this old-school rotary dial phone came into existence.

Haupt has designed and built the phone herself, with the primary aim behind the phone being a more personal, absolutely tactile and a more functional phone that doesn’t have any kind of distractions, whatsoever. There are no menus, instead, there are programmable physical keys that could function like a speed-dial with just one button and ofcourse, no need to draw a pattern or even unlock it with a fingerprint. The battery can last about 24 hours. The power switch is a slide switch, to ensure no time is wasted switching off the phone and staring at it to confirm if it had actually switched off. It also has a display of signal strength and battery level.

The creator had made it an open source design and had given links to all the design files and build notes on her website. She had also given real work images as the machine was being built.