Wearable electronic devices by Google misses Indian patent

Wearable electronic devices by Google misses Indian patent
The Siliconreview
29 Febuary, 2020

Google had recently applied for a patent at the Indian Patent Office. Google had put forward its inventions comprising of electronic devices provided in shoes or ankle bracelets for the patent. The method and the operation by which the devices are to be performed have been given by the company, but lack a full description and incomplete specification.

Under ‘System and method for wearable electronic devices” in the year 2007, Google had filed a patent application. Among the various wearable models listed in the application are electronic communication devices attached to the clothes, wireless pieces, a shoe that communicates data to the user, and ankle bracelets that can transmit updated information from the body to the user. According to the application, the shoe provides functions not present in existing devices such as cellular phones, and personal digital assistants, temperature, pulse rate, and a display to showtime. Satellite navigation receiver, motion sensing unit, humidity sensor are some of the new features of the wearable device. It also includes a vibrator, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and calendar information. Multiple reasons such as a lack of inventive steps as required by the Indian Patent Act are the reasons behind the patent’s rejection. Portable devices worn on the wristwhich allow transmission and reception of calls are already known, sothis led to rejection.