NFL owners unanimously voted for the implementation of CBA

NFL owners unanimously voted for the implementation of CBA
The Siliconreview
21 Febuary, 2020

Recently a surprisingly unanimous decision was taken by 32 team owners of NFL. They all accepted the negotiated terms based on the principles of the collective bargaining agreement. Particulars about the agreement were not revealed by the owners as well as Roger Goodell, Commissioner of NFL. After the meeting, team officials left the venue with no comments being made about the proposed CBA. The representatives of the players and the union executive committee will have a conference shortly and the NFL Players Association refrained from commenting on the latest NFL announcement. The owners are working relentlessly to replace the 10-year labor agreement that is due to expire in March 2021.

The new elements of the CBA are expected to be implemented in the upcoming season and the question of whether the players must vote in favor of it remains unanswered. NFL stated that the players can vote against the proposal or they can seek negotiations, but the current agreement will remain until 2020. A deadline was put by the league statement and within a week the players and clubs must have all systems in place for acceptance. Revenue for the players is expected to be more than the current rate, but it will remain 50 percent.