Burberry’s China event might be postponed due to Virus outbreak

Burberry’s China event might be postponed due to Virus outbreak
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2020

The chief creative officer of Burberry, Ricardo Tisci in the London fashion week stated that he wants to share the British style globally and he also wants to use the heritage to humanize and build the house. Burberry is one of the significant luxury brands in Europe and London is considered as its home. The fashion week event in London is expected to boost the brand’s morale. Asia is Burberry’s heartbeat because almost 40 percent of the revenue comes from there. They are one of the brands that were hit economically because of the corona virus outbreak. With a group of premium supermodels, Tisci’s 4th season at Burberry was smooth like a cheerleading routine.

 The glamour is very much etched on the label’s vein and this season the looks were focused more globally to make it bankable. Tisci’s predecessor Christopher   had made the brand look more romantic, whereas Ricardo made Burberry sexy. There are almost 64 stores for Burberry in mainland China, and now following the virus outbreak, almost a third of them have stopped functioning. London fashion week show was all set to be reprised in China during the month of April. The event was expected to be attended by influencers, Chinese press, and clients.