Ohio State students ready for their second Game Arena

Ohio State students ready for their second Game Arena
The Siliconreview
06 March, 2020

After the opening of the first Game Arena in February 2018 at Hilliard, Ohio, a new facility is now being planned and will be operational in May or June 2020. The new Game Arena will be loaded with tons of features and amenities to provide one of the best gaming experiences in the state.

The new facility will also include an upper-level lounge area and a fully equipped bar and kitchen for the gamers to relax and refresh. Other amenities for gamers include larger screens with esports live streams and ceilings decorated with neon lights. Keven Barrera, event operations manager for Game Arena, said that the new facility would be nothing less than a home for the Ohio State students where they could hang out without judgment of being gamers. One of the main attractions apart from the ambiance and the features of the facility would be the weekly tournaments for gamers. Trophies and cash prizes would be awarded to winners of the tournament. A special tournament, which is also the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament in the state of Ohio, will be hosted every Thursday and the attendee's figure could be anywhere from 90-120.

The gaming facility also has a roll-over feature for the unused hours. In other words, the hours not completed would be added up to the person’s account and can be used the next time they walk in.