Pragma is now offering a back-end toolkit to reduce development time

Pragma is now offering a back-end toolkit to reduce development time
The Siliconreview
12 March, 2020

A Back-end toolkit for gaming companies is being built by Pragma. This will allow developers to focus on making games alone. Most of the games developed today are required to be multi-platform, social and extensible. But only a few developers have the expertise to bring those toolsets to the profusion of new games that crop up every year.

Eden Chen, Chief Executive Pragma, has said that this will cut down the time taken by a game to reach the market by months. Many games remain in the beta stage for years as developers work out the details. Chen pointed that the time taken for a game to be launched has grown substantially primarily due to the necessity of building multiplayer games. It takes about five to ten years to launch out of beta, according to Chen. A toolkit that includes player data, social systems, matchmaking, accounts, lobbies, telemetry and store fulfillment are now being sold as a part of Pragma’s “backend as a service”. Many individual investors and high-quality firms had invested about $4.2 million in Pragma. Spending millions of dollars to build their own custom back-end would make no sense for the Gaming studios as they have used third-party engines for a long time now to power their front-end development.