“Don’t feed your pets a vegan diet, you could be killing them”; Animal Expert

“Don’t feed your pets a vegan diet, you could be killing them”; Animal Expert
The Siliconreview
04 March, 2020

Recently, vegan ranges of pet food have been launched by a lot of food brands claiming that it is nutritious for the cats and dogs, and also helps reduce ‘carbon pawprint’. Not long after the launches of these vegan ranges of pet food, TV and radio guru, Anna Webb, has issued warning that these vegan views could be putting the pets at risk of fatal conditions.

Having studied Natural Nutrition and Therapies at the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT), Anna says that dogs and cats are carnivores and shouldn’t be fed a lot of grains, let alone fully vegan diets. Most ‘complete’ pet food today contains about 30 to 70 percent grains, which dogs cannot metabolize and this is a major contributor to obesity-related conditions like heart disease and diabetes in dogs. Feeding vegan diets by people who themselves are vegan are completely unethical as the most natural diet to dogs and cats is organic meat. A vegetarian herself, Anna has never fed her dogs a vegan diet as she understands that they are different species.

One of the major reasons for high cholesterol in humans is meat, while on the other hand, dogs cannot get high cholesterol because they are carnivores. Currently, Anna co-hosts the Barking Hour on BBC Radio London and previously was a regular presenter on ITV1’s The Titchmarsh Show.