Microsoft to acquire Metaswitch Networks

Microsoft to acquire Metaswitch Networks
The Siliconreview
15 May, 2020

Strategic acquisitions are the most important means of growth for any business, and it is one of the biggest decisions a business owners would make. After all, the future of their company rides on this decision. With this said, Microsoft is to acquire Metaswitch Networks, a provider of virtualized network software, as the company’s strategy towards binding cloud and communications continues.

Leading cloud vendors are looking to support telecom operators in deploying and maintaining 5G networks more efficiently. Technologies which Metaswitch builds will be invested into Azure to provide its infrastructure with ‘specialized software required to run virtualized communication functions, applications and networks’, Microsoft says.

With this strategic move, Microsoft is doubling down having announced its intention to buy Affirmed Networks back in March, a deal which has been closed three weeks ago.

“By enabling advancements in enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communications and massive machine-type communication to enable IoT at scale, 5G offers significant potential for enterprises and governments and in turn creates new opportunities for operators,” says Yousef Khalidi, corporate vice president for Azure networking.

 “Our intention over time is to create modern alternatives to network infrastructure, enabling operators to deliver existing and value-added services with greater cost efficiency and lower capital investment than they’ve faced in the past,” Khalidi added.