Cyberattacks During the Pandemic: MonsterCloud Reviews the Latest Attacks

Cyberattacks During the Pandemic: MonsterCloud Reviews the Latest Attacks
The Siliconreview
28 July, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic had fundamentally changed the way we live and work in 2020. While the changes have been difficult, some opportunities have come from the COVID-19 situation. People have started online businesses, workers are commuting less and working from home more, and online collaboration technology has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, with all these good opportunities, the pandemic has also created bad opportunities. With so many more people online for longer periods of time, it has created an opportunity for cybercriminals as well.

These cybercriminals are using the flood of online traffic, the adoption of new technology, and the increase in inexperienced online users to launch a variety of ransomware attacks in 2020. Here, MonsterCloud reviews what cybercriminals are doing during the pandemic, what the latest attacks look like, and what you can do to protect yourself and your business.

Ransomware and the Pandemic

Cybercriminals have long used social engineering to get computer users to open files or click on malicious links in order to gain access to their systems. During COVID-19, the security experts at MonsterCloud who review the trends are seeing that these hackers are using more pandemic-related tricks to get access to computers.

These social engineering techniques include things like links or attachments to information about critical coronavirus-related supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, or vaccines. They can also come in the form of “free downloads” of video conferencing, file sharing, or other work from home software, or as financial scams offering government assistance or other economic help.

These are just a few of the scams to watch out for as ransomware cybercriminals try to get access to your company’s systems during the pandemic. As you will see in the next section, if you work in the healthcare industry right now, you will be an even greater target than usual in these unprecedented times.  

The Latest Attacks 

It seems like right now, you can’t look at any tech news without seeing stories about ransomware attacks. With hospitals and other healthcare practices being incredibly stressed, overworked, and focused mostly on COVID-19, the healthcare industry has become a huge target for ransomware. There have been several high-profile attacks on hospitals during the pandemic and experts believe there will be more to come.

The increase in size and frequency of attacks though is not confined to healthcare. Hackers are increasingly targeting work-from-home employees to gain easy access to their employers’ systems. This ease of access has shown up in splashy, headline cases including the most recent newsworthy attack, the ransomware attack that took down the GPS company Garmin for two days.

This attack in late July 2020, took down Garmin’s entire system for 2 days and may have cost the company a $10 million ransom. It is just one highly publicized example of the increase in ransomware attacks during the pandemic. These attacks are hitting companies big and small and in all industries across the board. This is why it is so important to take steps to safeguard your company from these attacks.

How MonsterCloud Reviews Your Cybersecurity to Prevent Ransomware

To help protect your computers and sensitive data from these increased ransomware attacks, MonsterCloud reviews your cybersecurity procedures and vulnerabilities to see how vulnerable you are to ransomware attacks. Whether you are worried about this increase during the pandemic or have been the victim of an attack, a MonsterCloud review can help close holes that let these cyber attackers in, train employees to recognize how and when attacks happen, and put plans in place to deal with an attack in the event it happens.

MonsterCloud does this by offering a free initial consultation and then conducting multiple types of penetration tests to see how and where your cyber and physical security weaknesses are. Once the areas are identified, MonsterCloud can help you fix them. They also can help put plans in place to deal with an IT security breach and to mitigate data loss if it was to happen to your organization.  


The COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly scary time for so many reasons. The increased likelihood of a ransomware security breach is just another thing to worry about. To help protect your organization and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have done everything you can to protect your business from this threat, contact MonsterCloud for a comprehensive review of your cybersecurity. You can also check out MonsterCloud reviews online to see how they’ve helped so many other businesses with ransomware problems.