Tech Mahindra introducing bCRMS to Media and Entertainment Industry

Tech Mahindra introducing bCRMS to Media and Entertainment Industry
The Siliconreview
13 July, 2020

Tech Mahindra, a digital transformation, consultancy and market reengineering services and solutions provider, announced the introduction of a new digital network for the global media and entertainment (M&E) industry called 'Blockchain-based Contracts and Rights Management System' (bCRMS). Through using IBM blockchain, this platform allows production houses and content owners to monitor sales, manage rights and tackle digital piracy.

The bCRMS is designed based on the open source protocol of Hyperledger Fabric. This utilizes the techniques like hazing network and forensic watermarking to track and monitor data. The technology is agnostic to the industry and can therefore be used in other sectors, such as commerce, finance and healthcare, which have an intellectual property obligation and protected digital content. This network will limit unauthorized access to digital content and its redistribution. The platform is built to be versatile and empowers with a clear integrated system creators, fulfilment partners, and distributors.

BCRMS is configured for linear broadcast and for Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers on the IBM blockchain. Tech Mahindra is also part of IBM's public cloud ecosystem that helps customers to transform their operational activities and speed up their hybrid cloud approaches. M&E sector is embracing blockchain technology to foster trust and transparency across the industry.