Logical Clocks is Developing the First Enterprise Feature Store for Edge Computing

Logical Clocks is Developing the First Enterprise Feature Store for Edge Computing
The Siliconreview
07 July, 2020

Logical Clocks officially confirmed that it is developing the first enterprise feature store for edge computing for the AI-NET ANIARA project, part of the CELTIC-NEXT program, to bring artificial intelligence to the European 5G networks.

The AI-NET ANIARA project is an initiative of a consortium of 23 organizations from Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Turkey. This consortium will bring together three technologies like 5G, edge-centric computing, and artificial intelligence-to accelerate digital transformation in Europe across the various sectors connected to 5G edge cloud technology.

Europe has a decent position in 5G networks, but in key areas of digital infrastructure-cloud, big data and artificial intelligence-it has fallen behind. Managed platforms, which provide data infrastructure for future AI applications in the new Edge and 5G markets, are increasingly required. Machine learning will be used by a modern platform to supplement or replace traditional manual and proprietary optimization. The Hopsworks Feature Store was launched in 2018 and is the world's first open-source feature store for machine learning. A feature store is a central vault for the features documented, curated, and controlled by access. The Hopsworks Feature Store can solve the issue of serving apps to edge applications at low latency, reducing the cost of designing and deploying applications for machine learning on 5 G networks.