Microsoft and Land O’Lakes to jointly build agriculture tech on Azure

Microsoft and Land O’Lakes to jointly build agriculture tech on Azure
The Siliconreview
20 July, 2020

There is nothing better than two companies coming strategically together for the betterment of the society. Recently, Land O'Lakes Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced a multiyear strategic alliance to develop new innovations in agriculture and enhance the supply chain, expand sustainability practices for farmers and the food system, and bridge the rural connectivity. As one of the nation's largest farmer-owned cooperatives with 150 million acres of productive cropland in its network, Land O'Lakes is deeply connected to rural America and understands farmers' needs and the communities where they and their families live and work. Combined with Microsoft's trusted cloud technologies and AI capabilities, the companies will deliver solutions to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. 

U.S. farms contribute more than $130 billion to the economy, emphasizing the critical role farmers play in our nation's food supply. Yet the industry faces challenges that threaten its viability, including climate change, trade issues and an evolving workforce. With the emergence of COVID-19, the industry is increasingly facing production and supply-chain issues, and many farmers are facing new economic challenges for their family-owned businesses. 

"Land O'Lakes is one of  the most important food suppliers in the U.S., and our nation's farmers and consumers rely on its ability to rapidly adapt to changing market forces through innovation," said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. "Through our partnership, we will apply the power of Azure and its AI capabilities to help Land O'Lakes solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the industry and bridge the divide between rural and urban communities."