Dropbox announced that it wants to go carbon-neutral by 2030

Dropbox announced that it wants to go carbon-neutral by 2030
The Siliconreview
07 August, 2020

Dropbox, a San Francisco-based company, recently made an announcement regarding its sustainability goals for 2030. The company is a provider of document management software, along with that, it also sources energy from renewable sources for its operations. In the next ten years, Dropbox is expected to achieve carbon neutrality. As of now, the company hasn’t released any particulars regarding its sustainability strategy, but executives from Dropbox have stated that they are working towards finding opportunities to reduce business travel and also promote work from home culture. Dropbox has more than 600mn registered users spanning across 180 countries.

The company depends on data centers to deliver its services, and it is looking forward to investing in technology and systems to lower its energy consumption. The outlet has noted that the business wants to decouple its energy consumption from its storage capacity. By using technologies like shingled magnetic recording, the company will increase its storage capacity simultaneously while lowering energy output. In 2019, Dropbox had stated that it is using SMR drives to produce the cost and energy savings. The company is committed to start sourcing energy to power all of its operations. An executive from Dropbox stated that the company understands its role in limiting its impact on the environment.