Exciting new features were revealed by Microsoft for Edge browser

Exciting new features were revealed by Microsoft for Edge browser
The Siliconreview
07 September, 2020

New updates for Edge were launched by Microsoft recently to beat Chrome in the browser race. Microsoft's Edge's popularity is on the rise, and it has secured the second position in the browser market. Edge overtook Firefox in the race, and the new features are validating its position as an alternative for Google Chrome. One update that is expected to become a reality is "Web Capture," which allows you to take web page screenshots. These can be cropped or full, and it can be copied to the clipboard. Windows Latest has explained that for now, the Web Captured screen can be shared or saved as an image, but if Microsoft makes any improvement, we should be able to make drawings on the screenshot.

Few more features are also in the pipeline that is due to drop in the coming weeks. Microsoft has confirmed that new alerts in the browser will show notifications for the compromised password, simultaneously the Edge has added a new option to hide or show favorites bar. Multiple new features were rolled out to help people working from home due to the pandemic. Some of the other new features in Edge include improved privacy controls, Read Aloud feature for PDFs, and enhancements for Collections.