Verix and Herspiegel to join hands to serve pharmaceutical sectors

Verix and Herspiegel to join hands to serve pharmaceutical sectors
The Siliconreview
10 September, 2020

Herspiegel Consulting, LLC, a full-service life science consulting firm specializing in commercial strategy and Verix, a leading provider of advanced analysis for life sciences, has officially announced a business partnership's formal initiation serve pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. Both the firm will develop new technology to produce various pharmaceutical products and various other drugs.

"This partnership between Verix and Herspiegel Consulting will help our clients execute strategic approaches, streamline their new product launch, and catapult commercial success for in-line brands. We're excited to combine forces with Verix's state of the art technology that drives actionable insights and equips decision-makers and field teams with the information they need to be effective," said Brent Herspiegel, Herspiegel Consulting President.

Verix's science-driven approach to commercial strategy's effective execution is a natural next step to Herspiegel Consulting, translating their strategic advice to automated operation. The former firm builds novel technology and generates predictive measures that enable brand managers to view their therapeutic universe in various dimensions and evaluate alternative scenarios. Whereas the later firm Herspiegel solutions bring life next-generation, agile field organizations with on-demand and actionable insights, AI-enabled next best action alerts, and automated field team collaboration prompt.