SAE launches new Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging system

SAE launches new Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging system
The Siliconreview
29 October, 2020

It's supremely easy to charge an electric vehicle in the right conditions. If you have a dedicated charging spot either in your garage or perhaps at work, you plug in when you park your car and when you're ready to leave, your EV should be filled up and ready to go. But it is tough to find charging spots. But now you don't need to worry about the charging spots as SAE is all set to launch its new wireless charging system for electric vehicles.

SAE International will ensure that automakers building EVs will have one set of rules for wireless charging of EVs worldwide. It is named J2954, the new standard was first officially proposed in May 2016, but SAE and automaker engineers have at least been thinking about this standard since 2007. It naturally applies both to the vehicles and the charging infrastructure. This structure will be suitable for all-electric cars.

The J2954 defines the acceptable criteria for interoperability, electromagnetic compatibility, EMF, minimum performance, safety, and testing for wireless power transfer (WPT) of light-duty plug-in electric vehicles. The SAE has found that over a 10-inch air gap, wireless charging can operate at up to 94 percent efficiency, grid-to-vehicle-battery. There are three wireless charging levels - WPT1, which charges at 3.7 kW, WPT2 (7 kW), and WPT3 (11 kW).