Microsoft plans to design a brand new refresh for Windows 10

Microsoft plans to design a brand new refresh for Windows 10
The Siliconreview
05 November, 2020

Microsoft Windows 10 OS is undoubtedly the preferred choice for personal OS by many. With the very famous Windows 7, Microsoft established dominance over the PC operating system market. Since its Windows 10 launched, Microsoft has completely revamped its operating system’s looks and features. But since then, Windows 10 hasn’t received any changes in its UI.

All the major updates of the company have been focused on improving the functionality and fixing security issues. Microsoft, however, did slightly re-design its start menu and made it easier to apply themes. The company has finally declared that it will be adding more design changes with its 2021 update. Microsoft is planning to update many top-level user interfaces such as the Start menu, Action Center, and even File Explorer, with consistent modern designs, better animations, and new features.

 Internal documentation describes the project as ‘reinvigorating’ and modernizing the Windows desktop experience to keep up with customer expectations in a world driven by other modern and lightweight platforms. The refreshment of UI, which Microsoft is planning, is codenamed as the “Sun Valley.” It is expected to be introduced along with Windows 10 Cobalt, which is the 2021 H2 update.