Google Maps rolls out new feature called ‘community feed’ globally for all users

Google Maps rolls out new feature called ‘community feed’ globally for all users
The Siliconreview
02 Decemebr, 2020

Google Maps is rolling out a new feature called ‘community feed’ for its users across Android and iOS today. It will have all the latest updates and recommendations from businesses in the area and local experts. While it makes sense to have such a feature on Google Maps, a cursory glance shows that in addition to making Google more like Facebook the feature is akin to having Yelp or TripAdvisor integrated with your directions.

What makes it even more like those services is the fact that the feed will highlight posts from food and drink businesses, according to Google. It also takes Google Maps well beyond the ambit of simple navigation.The community feed brings together helpful local information and tailors it to your selected interests. So, if a user has marked an Italiancuisine as an interest in their food and drink preferences, then they will see more photos and businesses posts for that type of food.

The feed itself is structured a lot like the Facebook news feed. It’s a vertically scrollable feed that comes up from the Explore tab. Users even have the option to like the posts with a thumbs up. The Alphabet subsidiary claims that it receives more than 20 million reviews, rating, photos, updates and other contributions every day. The ‘community feed’ serves as a place where these inputs can be highlighted.