Business Process Automation in practice — new possibilities offered by the WEBCON BPS system

Business Process Automation in practice — new possibilities offered by the WEBCON BPS system
The Siliconreview
27 January, 2021

These days, business process automation is recognized as one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve digital transformation of companies through evolution and quick wins, which bring measurable benefits that can be experienced in both very short term, as well as in the long term. Companies and organizations can save time and money, while benefiting from more efficient processes and faster achievementof strategic business goals. The WEBCON BPS low-code platform is one of the most functional and technologically advanced BPA-class systems currently available on the market. What do its users value it for and what distinguishes it from competing process and workflow automation software solutions?

Business process automation — what makes automating and optimizing company processes worthwhile?

Before we move on to specific information about WEBCON BPS, it may be worthwhile to describe what exactly is business process automation and why digitalization and automation enables you to improve and optimize enterprise processes. Business Process Automation (BPA) is a modern approach to managing processes in enterprise environments, the aim of which is to replace, improve and support the work performed by human employees thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, which are becoming increasingly accessible. This concept could become a reality thanks to the rapid development of modern IT solutions and tools, which took the enterprise world by storm and provided many practical ways to improve and enhance companies’ daily operations. This is coupled with the growing awareness of the enormous importance of IT technologies for the growth of companies and organizations managers and executives. What is more, they are increasingly aware of the fact that introducing innovative technologies does not necessarily mean revolutionizing the organization and the resulting confusion, difficulties with user adoption and exorbitant investments with uncertain returns. Fortunately, the practical, organizational and financial aspects of projects aimed at implementing novel IT solutions in companies are becoming more and more affordable and predictable, which lowers the barrier to entry and greatly diminishes any risks.

There are numerous benefits associated with the implementation of business process automation solutions, which will be appreciated by virtually all companies and organizations that seek to grow their business in a systematic manner. The first actual benefits can be noticed quickly after implementing dedicated automation solution, along with long-term benefits concerning the most important areas of operation of every organization, including its bottom line, as well as the speed and effectiveness of achieving strategic business objectives.

Companies that use high-end IT systems for business process digitalization, automation, as well as management and optimization enjoy increased efficiency of daily work, capabilities and business potential of the entire organization, improved operations at a lower cost and increased customer satisfaction with the services provided. Another important area concerns the increased comfort of the employees, who can now work in a modern and friendly environment, which ensures that their work is faster, more relaxed and less error-prone than ever before.


WEBCON BPS suite for business process automation and optimization — low-code at its finest

The huge interest in business process automation and its benefits has resulted in the increasing availability and selection of software dedicated to its implementation in enterprise environments. WEBCON BPS is one of the most innovative and feature-packed systems of its kind. It is a world-renowned, highly advanced and comprehensive low-code platform, which enables you to quickly, easily and efficiently (meaning cost-effectively) build and deploy complete and fully fledged business applications to support, organize and streamline business processes in your organization without having to use code or only where it is more technologically or economically feasible.

The WEBCON BPS enterprise low-code application development platform enables you to digitalize, standardize and automate all core and back-office business processes, ranging from simple and straightforward ones, up to the most complex, industry-specific ones. WEBCON users claim that the platform can handle approximately 90% of all business scenarios.

Moreover, this comprehensive platform effectively and synergistically combines the functionalities of not only BPA, but also DPA (Digital Process Automation); BPM (Business Process Management); DMS (Document Management System) and electronic document workflow (including OCR - Optical Character Recognition); workflow automation; as well as elements RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IPA (Intelligent Process Automation), including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Given such an extensive feature set, it can successfully become a central, unified and standardized environment for delivering applications supporting virtually any business scenario and process.

The measurable benefits of implementing WEBCON BPS can be clearly seen on many levels. They will be surely appreciated by the IT department, which will be able to respond faster and more effectively to the business needs of individual divisions and functions. 50% shorter time to business for development of ready-made business applications will speed up deployment and effectively support everyday work. The benefits will also be noticeable to business users, who will have an opportunity to make the concept of a paperless office based on electronic documentation a reality, while avoiding mistakes and errors related to entering large amounts of data and stop wasting valuable time on performing monotonous, tedious and time-consuming tasks, as they will be relieved by a bespoke and purpose-built system. Both the management and senior employees will value the significant increase in productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization, as well as full transparency and control over all processes implemented in the company and the possibility of their ongoing monitoring and rapid response to any issues.

One of the most unique advantages, which is also a part of the technological DNA of the WEBCON BPS low-code platform, is the bespoke InstantChange™ technology which gives it a significant advantage over other BPA-class systems, enabling users to introduce and deploy changes at any stage of the business application lifecycle in an easy and quick way, with results being apparent immediately. This feature offers outstanding flexibility in developing, deploying, modifying and maintaining business process applications, ensuring iterative and Agile-based deployment of enterprise IT tools and effective change management. It also enables companies to better adapt business applications, both new ones and those already deployed to the production environment, in order to ensure their compliance with new practices, concepts and dynamically changing internal or external requirements. In the age of ubiquitous digital transformation, dynamically growing expectations of the modern market and unpredictability of many changes that occur in the enterprise world, such a technology can be eyed as a good solution to address these challenges. The recent global switch to remote working model serves as a striking example, showcasing how much advantage adaptable organizations that were ready for such a jump had over their competition, because they had already digitalized and automated most of the important processes.

The payoff of business process automation in figures – the Total Economic Impact™ of WEBCON BPS Study

In June 2020, Forrester Consulting carried out a commissioned study on behalf of WEBCON, analyzing and documenting the benefits and financial impact of process automation with a low-code BPA (Business Process Automation) platform. The Total Economic Impact™ of WEBCON BPS study examined the benefits and financial impact of automating processes on the example of a company in the financial services industry. Its objective was to independently assess and quantify the potential business benefits stemming from deploying the solution in the company and its impact on the bottom line. The study showed that companies that consider choosing WEBCON BPS for automating business processes can expect substantial benefits and improved results across the entire organization. The company involved in the study achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 113% in the first 3 years, saved more than 21,000 hours of employee time and accelerated the completion of business processes by up to 87%, saving more than $600,000 in the process.  The numbers are obvious — implementing a business process automation solution is definitely worth your while, as long as you make a smart and future-proof choice.