Microsoft to replace Windows Mail with new One Outlook app

Microsoft to replace Windows Mail with new One Outlook app
The Siliconreview
06 January, 2021

Microsoft is building a new improved Outlook client, which will reportedly replace the Windows Mail and Calendar app, clubbing their functionalities into one tool. The new app, set to be aptly named One Outlook is based on the Outlook Web Browser and is codenamed ‘Monarch’. For starters, the app’s description states the ‘under-development’ nature of the project and mentions that users will still need to use the regular Outlook Desktop app/Outlook Web for complete functionality.

One Outlook will require a reliable internet connection and will not work offline. The new One Outlook app is also currently not functional without an internal Microsoft Account. The app is still in the testing and improvement phase. This further confirms that the tool is still under development and is not stable enough for daily use yet.

While a timeline for the tool going stable and public for everyone is not yet out, a report by Windows Central suggests that One Outlook will be a bigger testing program by the end of this year. This could point to a mass stable rollout of the new app in 2022. Microsoft is also working on a completely new revamped version of the Windows operating system which will be launched soon.