ABB Robotics is all-set to telecast a new robotic automation podcast

ABB Robotics is all-set to telecast a new robotic automation podcast
The Siliconreview
18 Febuary, 2021

ABB Robotics, the global leader in robotic manufacturing, integration, and implementation, is set to launch the new robot podcast, improving robotics and automation processes. The new podcast will bring novel innovation into the world of robotics. This will also provide many benefits to society by delivering a magnificent shift in the integration processes. The business sectors, SMEs, and the industrial robotic industry will be benefitted from this podcast.

Each episode of the podcast will feature panel members with significant robotic technology expertise and will give an in-depth knowledge about the robotic automation process and its significance in the ever-changing technological world. The podcast will be aired on the 17th of February, and it will have five additional episodes, which will be telecasted every Wednesday, with more to follow later in 2021. The podcast will be hosted by Fran Scott, who is also an engineering enthusiast.

Fran Scott previously worked with BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. She also worked with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Science and Media Museum. Ms. Fran is all excited to host the podcast. She has stated that this podcast on robotic automation will revolutionize the sector, as robots are the future that will increase productivity, flexibility, and quality of life. ABB Robotics is geared up to its robotic podcast, which will dissect the challenges and opportunities that come with it.