AppDynamics Announces Cisco Secure Application

AppDynamics Announces Cisco Secure Application
The Siliconreview
08 Febuary, 2021

AppDynamics (A Cisco Company) has announced the industry’s first solution to simplify vulnerability management to protect applications. The solution is named Cisco Secure Application. The company worked with Cisco to create the solution.

The Cisco Secure Application is the bridge that connects security and application insights through a single solution. It is built natively on the AppDynamics platform and will help reduce alert fatigue, real-time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention. This significantly raises the confidence users can have in application performance.

“Secure Application is the first of its kind to deliver this level of security insight that empowers both Application and Security teams to safeguard customer and organization assets while delivering a best-in-class digital experience,” said Jeetu Patel, senior vice president and general manager, security and applications, Cisco.

The solution rightly targets application vulnerability management, one of the key capabilities where transformation can be accomplished while delivering substantial business benefits. With the Cisco Secure Application onboard, tech teams can have speed without compromising on security. It will bring together business performance and security insights, which will protect brands against slowdowns and exploits.